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Bodybuilding is my passion, i enjoy both coaching & competing and have been working towards the ultimate goal of the Olympia for the past 6 years, the journey continues right here...


I am a competitive bodybuilder and have been training naturally since 2011 & successfully competing since 2015 (details at the bottom of the page) I turned to the assisted side of bodybuilding in November 2018, and sinde then i have been gunning for my procard.


Luckily for me, my passion is also my job - I became a full time online coach in 2017 and have had 100’s of clients across both bodybuilding and lifestyle.


Over the last competitive season i had over 75% of my compeitive clients place in a top 6 position across multiple federations - the results speak for themselves but if youre still not convinced...


My coaching philosophy will always be to build a long-lasting relationship with my clients while educating and tailoring my service to meet their requirements, we embark on this journey together


This website is essentially my bodybuilding diary.  I plan to share my personal journey through the bodybuilding world with honesty & transparency, you will see my transition into the assisted world as well as an insight into all the fundimental boxes that i “tick” daily.


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Welcome to the world of Josh Bridgman 2.0


Competitive History



UKBFF cumbrian classic (junior) - 1st

Mr University 2015 - 2nd

UKBFF British championship (junior) - 2nd



Mass SPC Overall Winner -1st

UKBFF welsh classic - 1st

IFBB Diamond Cup - 2nd

IFBB Elite cup - 2nd

UKBFF British Finals - 5th

Fit Factor - Top 6



UKBFF Midlands - 1st

UKBFF British Championship - 2nd

IFBB Arnold Classic - Top 6

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